My name is Kerisha Thorney

How did this group come to be?

Having my first child was very difficult​ due to some pregnancy-related health issues and not knowing a few things I should have known that mothers never really speak about.

As a woman, new to this country and learning about it with no family around for support, it was a struggle. My husband was there for me through the entire process but it was still very difficult.

Due to my experiences, I came up with this idea. What about building a support group for mothers who are going through the same situation or worse? I did it for all classes, races, and differences. I did it for mothers!

I am looking forward to meeting you.

MOMS SUPPORTING MOMS to provide understanding and  compassion for each other and our children.

What we are about?


We're here for mothers who would like to be supported during their pregnancy and most importantly after giving birth. Whatever way you need us we're there to make sure what it is you're going through or have gone through is not as difficult as it may have been otherwise.

If an emergency comes up and you need help with your child for a few hours or even a day, one of us mothers will be there to help. You can be reassured that whoever is there to help will make sure your child is well taken care of.

You just had a baby and need help in the home, rest assured some of us mothers will be there to help. 

Donations will be used to make all these things much easier, so any donation would be welcome.

Our Vision

Our vision is for this group to grow into a community located in every city, every town and every neighborhood where mothers help mothers by sharing their experiences and love.

We Need Your Support Today!

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